Jack 6 service page

This page is intended for Jack version 6.0 only. If you are the owner of Jack version 5 you need to upgrade to version 6 first. The Jack 6 update is not a free download, it's a new major version that you can purchase (for the changes see Changes Jack 6 vs Jack 5).

The Jack 6 update can, just like the full Jack 6 version be used on new computers without the presence of Jack 5. You do need the Jack 5 registration code during the installation.

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Jack 6 updates

From within Jack 6 you can use [Help\Search for updates], to contact the JackBridge website and install the updates.

Several new components and improvements were offered this way since the first release of Jack 6. This is an ongoing process enabling you to always have the most recent Jack 6 at your disposal.

You can ask Jack to automatically search for updates each time you launch Jack. Select [Settings\Other options] and check the option Automatically search for updates.

Changes Jack 6 vs Jack 5

With the introduction of Jack 6 we further enhanced and extended the very complete Jack 5 in several ways. Jack 6 improves upon Jack 5 in ways that will benefit advanced players as well as beginners. Tthe most significant new or improved features in Jack 6 are:

Jack 6 provides dozens of other improvements and enhancements, of course, including more tournaments, more deals in competition, new bidding conventions, Jack's Bali 2013 convention card, reviews of played deals in the game-viewer, and changes in Jack's partnership approaches.

System Requirements Jack 6

Jack's installation will only be complete after you activated Jack.